Learn the direction of how the lips flow. Knowing this will help you to achieve realistic effect in every of your mouth drawing.
Learn how to avoid the 3 common mistakes beginners make when it comes to drawing mouth and teeth. You can literally spoil the realism of your mouth drawing even if you make just any one of these mistakes.
Discover the way how I draw lips vertically and horizontally to create the complicated texture effect of human lips.
An example of drawing lips to create the bumpy effect that makes the mouth realistic.
Learn how to prevent from over-drawing teeth that will be almost IMPOSSIBLE to erase when you’re drawing darker areas around teeth.

Discover my easy way of rendering the complexity of the lips in the highlight area of the drawing, helping the mouth become three dimensional.
A total of 24 pages, 61 illustrations, close-ups, and images to show you exactly how I draw a realistic mouth and teeth like a master with step-by-step well explained descriptions

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